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Group Training


Training with a friend is the most popular choice for most of our players we work with. We believe that having another player that is a similar level of ability training with you, pushing you and encouraging you will bring out
the competitive edge, therefore you are more likely to work harder and get more out of the session.

Training with a friend also makes the price of the session a little bit cheaper. Football is a team game, so having that ability to work with others is a must!
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Training with NPL1 ballers & Nike academy winner.

Why is group training beneficial?

  • There are a lot more variety of drills the coach can do
  • It becomes a lot more specific to your position
  • Able to work on possession games & 1v1s & 2v2s etc
  • You tend to work harder in small groups as it becomes competitive
  • learn from one another
  • Also comes at a cheaper price

Training with NPL1 ballers & Nike academy winner.

FULL YOUNG Group Training Session | 4 BALLERS 2 COACHES