I am a female footballer playing at the highest level for club and country. I connected with Lee two years ago after hearing the same feedback from multiple people- ‘quality’.

I’ve had the privilege of filming a couple sessions with Lee, both in which I was blown away with his way of coaching.

As a female footballer, I was impressed and appreciative of the knowledge Lee had of me individually and women’s football in general. He has the utmost respect for the game, regardless of gender.

The sessions he prepared for me were tailored specifically to my position and my level of ability. We were able to work on finer details of the game that aren’t taught enough- scanning, body shape, protecting the ball, timing of movements, agility, technique, awareness etc.

The delivery of his coaching points are always clear and he is able to demonstrate (with quality) what he is expecting from his players.

Most importantly, in my opinion, Lee cares about his players. Where ever in the world football takes me, he is always following my journey and supporting me with genuine interest. For that reason I have a great amount of respect for him. Legend.

Alanna Kennedy
Westfield Matildas
Orlando Pride
Sydney FC

Allana Kennedy

1on1 With Alanna


I came over to Australia to work with Joner and team for two months last year with the ultimate goal to sign a professional contract in Europe or the UK.

The level of technical detail, creativity and game-like realism to each session was on another level. Every day I improved, learned, developed and the comments from those I received when I returned home were unanimous that I was a “totally different player”. It was the first time I’d had a coach break down techniques in a way that worked for me personally, to give me the tools to keep improving. My ball mastery, shooting, awareness, passing and first touch were the umbrellas of improvement with which I could take my game to another level to best prepare me for professional football.

I was extremely fortunate that Joner went above and beyond for me, managing to get me a trial with Liverpool Ladies, as well as his family helping out with accommodation on the ground near Liverpool. I can’t put into words what that experience and level of support was like.

I am yet to find a coach of the same calibre or charisma, and I’ve been searching for over a year here in the UK!

I have just signed my first professional contract in the top tier of women’s football in the UK, the Women’s Super League, and I can say with 100% confidence that I would never have gotten to this point without Joner1on1.

Monique Fischerr
Yeovil Ladies FC
Womens English premier League



I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Lee during the off-season last year. I was extremely impressed with the enthusiasm that he brought to the training it made me excited to be there and train. He held me to a higher standard and it showed in my training with the level of focus he forced me to have.

The details in the drills were excellent and the coaching points made were always spot on. Absolutely loved the time I had to train with him and hopefully we can work together again in the future!

Mike De Fonte
Phoenix Rising

Mike de Fonte


I’ve known Lee since he initially moved to Sydney and have been following Joner1on1’s progress since it began and its great to see his passion for football is having a positive impact on a massive range of footballers across Australia and the world.

I’ve been living/playing football in the UK for the past 4 years and came back home for a visit in my offseason.

I hit Lee up straight away to get some sessions in before heading back for preseason.

I was really impressed with how professional he was, from finding out info about me as a player to planning and delivering very specific and individualised sessions.

We worked on finer aspects of the game that typically get overlooked in team training sessions. Details like scanning more thoroughly and body position during 1 on 1 defending have been key for me getting back into professional football.

I highly recommend Joner1on1 to players of all ages and levels, you’re guaranteed to pick up skills that will improve you as a player and have a good laugh while doing it.

Jim Oates
Exeter City
England League 2

Jim Oates


When asked about Joner1on1 its hard to find a place to begin. I found them on instagram and from the moment I saw a clip I was in love with what I saw. The training, the equipment, the professionalism, the breakdown of techniques, it was all to dream of. When I began I was taken in with open arms and within seconds making jokes and enjoying myself. A coach once told me the difference between a top of the league team and a bottom of the league team is 20%, because 80% of the game is mental. This was something that from the start you noticed was a key, from the warmup it was all about zoning in and focusing. Making sure all your muscles felt good and getting rid of any tight spots before starting. The things provided by Sklz are game changing. 10 minutes into my warmup it was already next level and I knew that there would be no drop in performance due to not warming up right. When training you must follow the rule of quality over quantity and this is something that at Joner1on1 they definitely do.

Throughout the training no matter what you do they have an awareness factor added in making sure you are always scanning allowing you to constantly know what is happening with the game around you and identifying where the space lies. This is a huge part of the game that some lack to notice the importance of and I have had a lot of private training without. This even in 10 sessions evolved my game. Going forward they are a coaching squad that make sure no point is missed and never have you in a situation that makes you not want to ask something. Anything they see they make sure to help you with it, they step by step break down every detail to perfect your technique and that is something of the highest order. All the drills that are done are very unique and that is also a factor that you need in your training. If you go out and do the same drill everyday you will have limited skill. Everyday you show up to Joner1on1 there is a new drill testing new you in a new way. How quickly you adapt and pick that drill up is all up to you! I traveled all the way from the Netherlands to go train and it is a choice I would repeat in a heartbeat. You can’t put a price tag on training of this quality. There was not a factor that I didn’t amaze me. I can not wait to go back again and am beyond excited! No training in the world like it!

Rayan Lammers
Flew from Holland To Train with us
3rd Tier in Holland


My son Beckham Baker’s experience with Coach Joner 1on1 has been a incredible one. Coach Joner is by far the best technical individual coach my son has had, Coach Joner brings demanding drills, clear expectations and highly contagious energy.

He has a phenomenal ability to review a player’s strengths and weaknesses, to set expectations with a player and set goals that are achievable within the player’s current skill level. He also has this ability to inspire self-motivation in the players he trains. He is able to positively assess a player’s mental state and successfully encourage a positive, winning attitude in the players he trains.

Coach Joner has not only improved Beckham’s physical and technical game but his mental game as well.

We feel this training has and will continue to assist Beckham in his long journey in for filling his dream of being a professional football player.

*Joner 1on1* Simply Amazing!

Mark Baker
Parent of Beckham Baker
Nike Athlete

Mark Baker


Reflecting on my journey to professional football, I can say with 100% confidence that Joner1on1 played an integral role in developing me as a player.

The level of detail, specificity, creativity and variation in each of my sessions with Joner have been of the absolute highest level.

At the beginning of each session, Joner would go through the session plan, outlining why we were doing each drill and key learning points to take from them. It was clear that each part of the session was clearly thought out as Joner took every aspect of my game into consideration including; where I’m playing, who I’m playing for and strengths/weaknesses in my game.

As well as this, the combination of verbal and visual feedback with new and innovative drills, which I have never previously been exposed to in a footballing environment, has continued to test me both physically and mentally. Joner would take feedback one step further by videoing each session and analysing drills with me. His level of of detail and footballing knowledge is of the absolute highest quality and the video footage adds another component to what is already an immaculate program.

As such, I always look forward to Joner1on1 sessions when I come back home during the off-season, knowing that I will get 100% honesty and passion from him as he always looks for different ways to improve my game.

Ryan Blumberg
Charlton Athletic

Ryan Blumberg